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20150922_25_Bern (CH)

Living on the second floor of a four-story building, my brother and me were using a little basket on a long string to transport, stones, gras, toys, secret messages, ladybugs etc. from the balcony down to the front garden and back.  The old lady downstairs would sometimes ‘intercept’ our basket and put some cookies in.

Once on a very hot day we were in the garden and asked to be rained on with water from the balcony. Soon other children appeared and wanted to be ‘in the rain’ as well. Neighbors living underneath and above us started to appear at their balconies to see what all the screaming was about. Instead of complaining several of them joined in and ‘the rain’ came from 3 or 4 balconies to the extreme delight of by then probably 6 children.