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20150927_25_ Halmstad(SE)

My best childhood memory that I can remember clearly was this one day when it finally stopped raining. It had been raining for a week or so and I got really bored staying indoors, but finally sun struck. I went out with my friend Klara. We had been friends since one year and loved playing together. We were free to do whatever we liked. Our houses were close to a playground, but not reachable in sight for my mother. Anyway, we went to the playground. The grass was muddy and our shoes became all dirty and wet, so we decided to go to the swings instead. Now, our shoes got sandy instead. I remember that we said to each other that we should walk to the other playground that was not located too far away from this one, even though we were not allowed to actually go there. I remember thinking that my mother could not see us anyway, so what difference would it make leaving for that playground for some minutes. We started walking. On our way there we had to cross a big parking lot (not really that big, but for us back then it seemed huge). On this parking lot there was a great reminder of the previous week of rain, a big pool (a puddle in a gown-ups eyes). We saw our opportunity to get rid of the mud and sand from our shoes so we started cleaning them. But obviously, just jumping in the puddle itself was too much fun to stop, eventually leaving us soaked up to our knees. Why stop there, we decided to even take a bath, so we did. Suddenly we were entirely soaked. I remember us thinking that now there are no reasons for us to not take a real bath, so why not start cleaning our hair as well, and as you probably understand, we did. We were really proud walking home after our bath to show my mother what good girls we had become. Strangely, my mother was neither that happy nor proud.