Child Parade

The ‘Pace-setters & Front-runners’ pilot year was completed with a parade celebrating children’s relations and ideas on slow paths. An additional participatory design process was initiated to develop the parade together with a fixed group of children on a regular base. With the support of artist and choreographer Liesbeth Swings, the children co-designed a score for an ‘actions-tour’. The audience was invited to interact with the slow paths by performing the score during the actions-tour. By doing so the audience (adults and children) did not only create the final shape of the parade but also experienced a multitude of meanings, experiences and ideas about how the children themselves experience slow paths in their urban daily life.

In cooperation with Trage Wegen VZW, zZmogh and Liesbeth Swings.

Gangmakers & Koplopers (ENG) from Nele Fack on Vimeo.