Office for Public Play works on design-based projects and research that aim for the development of inclusive and sustainable public spaces (SDG#11). Whilst children, children’s rights, and their participation (CROC#12) are core aspects of the Office for Public Play, these values are framed within the ambition to strengthen citizen’s intergenerational and intercultural connection.

At the Office for Public Play, we value and use play — free play — as a means/approach for actualizing more equal interactions between all participants — between children & adults, and between initiators & participants. We combine an artistic approach with real-life situations whilst striving for an effective impact.

Research forms an important part of the Office for Public Play. It is a research-driven design practice whilst at the same time putting effort into producing new knowledge for the field. 

Office for Public Play originated during the European FP7, Marie Curie Actions, Multi-ITN project TRADERS Training Art and Design Researchers in Participation for Public Space. It is an initiative by Annelies Vaneycken where she collaborates with other designers, design students, and a diversity of partners in the field.

For collaboration (projects, interventions, lectures, workshops, exhibitions, etc.) and other questions: info(at)officeforpublicplay.org